We aim to become a leading piano school in Hong Kong, and to raise the standard of music education.

      We will introduce new methodologies and provide the piano teachers with high quality tranings to prepare them as professionals. We will inspire the potential of the students with classical and comprehensive music trainings.

      Established in 2004, HKPPEA is the first piano school that offering trainings to both the piano teachers and students. To cope with the fast growing business in 2007,our administration office was moved into the Kornhill Learning Zone.

      Since its incorporation, we have invited local overseas scholars, educators, and pianists to host over 50 sessions of lectures, masterclasses, workshops and training courses for the piano tachers. These activities have attracted about 4,000 participants and also established the professional image of HKPPEA.

      We are conscientious about piano teachers recruitment and required them to hold a music degree or equivalent qualifications, as well as years of teaching experience. We encourage and sponsor our teachers to further their study to ensure that they can achieve a profrsional standard.

      We will arrange our principals or teaching officers to conduct assessments for the students during the admission and every 3 months afterward. Our tuition fees are highly competitive.

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